LENGUA Y MIGRACIÓN (LANGUAGE AND MIGRATION) publishes original, theoretical, empirical and methodological articles, which analyze the linguistic and communicative reality of migration, considering the study of all the social and linguistic elements that concur in the process of sociolinguistic integration, including acquisition of second language.

that study sociolinguistic and sociological aspects related to the migratory processes in any region or community of the world, as well as processes where speakers of different or same languages are implied.

LENGUA Y MIGRACIÓN (LANGUAGE AND MIGRATION) publishes articles of different linguistic specialties works of sociolinguistics and sociology of the language, studies on descriptive linguistics, pragmatics, discourse analyses, conversational analyses and other matters interested in language and migration. Articles interested in learning, education and contrast of languages, second or foreign ones, are of a special interest. In the same way, the journal leaves space for the intercultural and cross-cultural studies as long as they have migration as an object.


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